TheGreat Quest

A dramatic feature film based on the true life of
Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha


The Great Quest will doubtless attract a huge audience, for the following reasons:

  • The sheer weight of numbers of adherents, followers, practitioners and believers throughout the entire world; between 700 million - one billion.
  • It will also attract teachers, students and people of other religious faiths, who are interested to know more about a major religion known for its peaceful philosophy and emphasis on meditation.
  • Another significantly large group will be people of no particular faith, drawn to the movie due to the human developmental emphasis and the pragmatic nature of Buddhism.
  • Almost everyone in the world has heard of the Buddha, but his dramatic story, the greatest quest that any human being could ever endure, has yet to be made into a worldwide motion picture.
  • According to statistics, approximately 12% of all Americans feel they have benefited in some way from contact with Buddhism, which alone represents - – over 36 million, a great base group, many of whom will be keen to share the experience of The Great Quest.
  • In Thailand alone there are 55 million Buddhists, where they regularly show the latest Hollywood films.

Interest in Buddhism in the West is growing every year and The Great Quest simply cannot fail to attract a huge market.

Below are approximate statistics of Asian Buddhist Population:

  • China
    100 - 400 million
    (Impossible to know better, however most of China is favorable to Buddhism)
  • India
    20 - 30 million
    (However the majority of India is favorable to the Buddha, as Hinduism considers the Buddha to be one of their teachers)
  • Japan
    60 - 100 million
  • Thailand
    55 million
  • Myanmar
    40 million
  • Korea
    10 - 20 million
  • Sri Lanka
    10 million
  • Cambodia
    10 million
  • Taiwan
    5 - 10 million
  • Laos
    5 million
  • Singapore
    3 million