TheGreat Quest

A dramatic feature film based on the true life of
Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

First Tuesday, November

A political romantic drama by Steve Weissman.

Logline: An honest, tough firefighter who defies death in raging infernos, risks his life running independently for President against the political Parties, assassins and an incensed, almost father-in-law, ex-Governor.

Synopsis: Joe's the perfect, small-town, self-sacrificing guy, but things change dramatically when politicians cut Fire Department funds. He takes on the challenge and rises to an almost impossible task, amassing an outstanding crew and threatening the Establishment. Yet confronting the Parties is minor to what lurks behind the scenes - when his ex-fiance surprisingly joins Joe's campaign, infuriating her father. As Joe's political momentum grows, assassins buy the aid of Joe's top security detective, in preparation for their deadly attack.